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Moebio (Biocat)

The workshop is a short version of what you will experience if you enroll in Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona), a postgraduate program to develop entrepreneurs and future leaders in healthcare innovation.

Participants will experience the funniest workshop about innovation in healthcare. they will experience a full cycle of innovation through the Biodesign methodology created at Stanford University and used in our d·HEALTH Barcelona postgraduate fellowship. 

How will the workshop go?

  1. Set up teams of 3-6 people
  2. Identify an unmet clinical need
  3. Create a tangible solution, from concept to prototype
  4. Develop the business model to take the product to market
  5. Elevator pitch by one representative from each team 

During the workshop, there will be drinks and snacks to keep your minds sharp. 

Get a discount on d·HEALTH Barcelona 

Just for attending the workshop, we’ll give the participants a 5% off registration for our Design Health Barcelona postgraduate fellowship (2020 edition) once they have passed the selection process.

More information:

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