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Biotechgate Digital Partnering is a five-day virtual partnering meeting, from May 9 to 13. The main objective of the event is to offer a platform for business development in the field of licensing and collaboration for all those companies that develop drugs, diagnostics and medical devices.

During the digital conference, several workshops and live presentations will be held for attendees. Individual meetings can also be planned, which will allow attendees to maintain direct contact with representatives of leading companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and learn first-hand about their business strategies.

The last 6 Biotechgate events have been joined by over 4,500 delegates representing over 3,000 companies attended by representatives from 14 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. With participants from more than 60 countries, the majority of business development (40%) or CEO (30%) with more than 6,500 meetings scheduled.

Discounts for BioRegion companies

Thanks to our collaboration agreement with Biotechgate, entities in the BioRegion can enjoy Premium access for free. To obtain a promotional code, contact You have until April 15 to be eligible for early bird tickets.

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