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Virtual workshop to learn how to innovate in health in an entertaining way following the methodology of Biodesign developed by Stanford University. The participants will work in teams to identify an unresolved clinical need, so they will create a technological solution and a business model to bring to the market.

What is d·HEALTH Barcelona?

Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) is a postgraduate program to train entrepreneurs and future leaders in healthcare innovation. It is inspired by the Stanford University biodesign methodology, which guides students through a full innovation cycle from identifying a business idea based on a clinical immersion at a leading hospital in Barcelona through designing and prototyping a viable solution and developing the business model to take it to market.

During the first month of the academic year, the fellows learn how to analyze clinical needs in a hospital setting and to identify opportunities for innovation in medical technology. After that, they put the knowledge acquired into practice. Throughout the academic year, the d·HEALTH Barcelona fellows not only learn to validate the needs identified, come up with solutions through brainstorming, create prototypes, and develop business plans, they also participate in a series of events to help them forge a network of valuable contacts for their professional future, including successful business people and executives, top VCs, lawyers, doctors and politicians.

From the first edition of d·HEALTH Barcelona, one company has already been established: usMIMA, which has designed a non-pharmacological medical device without side effects to combat chronic constipation in patients with Parkinson, paralysis, etc. A second company, Koccon, is in the process of being established and has a project underway: a sophisticated device using new materials to protect premature infants from excess noise.


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