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Join this event on the secondary use of health data! It will be held on July 20 at the Barcelona Health Hub.

The day will bring together leading digital health companies that will present their innovative projects in a pitch format. Following the presentations, there will be a panel discussion in which leading experts in the field will explore in detail the challenges and opportunities of secondary use of health data. In addition, they will delve into how the European health data space can drive innovation in digital health.

Don't miss this enriching discussion that will provide you with a deeper insight into the importance and potential of health data in the digital age.


10:00 a 10:15. Presentation of the conference and the EDAH project - Montse Daban (Director of Science Policy and Internationalization of Biocat).

10:15 a 10:30. Presentation of the Barcelona Health Hub

10:30 a 11:00. Pitch of companies located in the Barcelona Health Hub

11:00 a 11:30. Coffee Break

11:30 a 13:00. Round Table: "Exploring the Potential of the Secondary Use of Health Data" - Ángeles Barrios (Head of Public Affairs and Relations at EIT Health), Míriam Méndez García (Head of Research and Innovation at the Office of the Delegate for Health Data Protection of the ICT Social Health Foundation) and Pedro Carrascal (General Director of the Platform of Patient Organizations). Moderated by Alba Jiménez (Biocat, head of the EDAH project).

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