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This workshop is part of the Peer2Scale-Health project, organized by the cluster in collaboration with Biocat, Eurasanté and BioM. 

On January 30, will host the third and final workshop linkedwith the project. The issue of scalability in European startups will be addressed. Two life science companies that have succeeded in scaling-up their business, Lindacare and Matrix Requirements, will share their expertise in overcoming the challenges associated with their expansion strategy. In addition, tools and tips will be given to improve the scalability of companies


16:00h -16:45h Intro by

16:45h - 17:10h How does EU help scale-up companies? How can clusters/SME intermediaries contribute to this effort?

17:10h - 17:35h Expansion strategy & associated challenges (MedTech sector)

17:35h - 18:00h From start-up to scale-up: Seeking for funding

More information: 

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