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The World Orphan Drug Congress Europe is the largest and most established orphan drug & rare disease event worldwide. Meet over 2000 attendees, hear from 250 leading speakers, and connect with 130 exhibitors as we bring together experts from the start-to-finish of orphan drugs. From regulation and policy to global pricing and gene therapy, the Congress has it covered.

This congress addresses specific topics related to orphan drugs, which are treatments for rare diseases. The topics include:

  • Orphan Drug Development: Innovations and challenges in the development of treatments for rare diseases.
  • Clinical Trials: Specific strategies to conduct clinical trials in small and dispersed populations.
  • Regulation and Policies: Regulations and policies affecting the development and commercialization of orphan drugs.
  • Market Access and Reimbursement: Strategies to ensure that patients have access to these costly treatments.
  • Collaborations and Strategic Partners: The importance of collaborations between industry, academia, and patient organizations.

Our attendees include the most senior individuals across the industry, including;  R&D, Gene Therapy and Rare diseases, Precision/Personalised Medicine, Genetic Disorders, Patient Advocacy and Engagement, Associations in ATMPs, Investors, Regulatory Affairs Professionals, Governmental Bodies and more. 

Free tickets for companies and entities in the BioRegion of Catalonia

Both companies and entities that are part of the BioRegion of Catalonia can enjoy free tickets.

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