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With the final donations having come in today, the 2010 Edition of La Marató de TV3 has closed with the largest amount ever collected in the telethon’s history, a record previously held by the 2004 Edition. A total of was raised €8,735,103, which will provide a major funding boost for research on acquired brain and spinal injuries.

With 71,235 donations placed by telephone (to 905 11 50 50), thousands of donations sent online and by mobile phone, contributions by corporations, plus a massive grassroots effort that encompassed 1,361 social activities, the 2010 Edition was a huge success. These excellent results are a testament to Catalan society’s commitment to the telethon, a project of Televisió de Catalunya and La Marató de TV3.

Scientists have until 11 April to submit project proposals to the open call for the 2011 Edition.

2011 Edition: Regenerative medicine, and organ and tissue transplant

On 18 December, the telethon will celebrate its 20th Edition, dedicated to regenerative medicine, and organ and tissue transplant. This year’s theme, which is garnering ever-increasing attention in the research arena, includes regenerative medicine as well as transplant of organs (heart, lung, etc.) and tissue (cornea, skin section, etc.). The organizers hope to raise funds for research on new, highly effective and minimally aggressive methods for organ transplant that will maximize the chance of survival for both the organ itself and the recipient, and that can provide recipients with better quality of life than do existing techniques.

The 2011 Edition will be highly interdisciplinary, encompassing various fields of medicine and addressing patients affected by diverse maladies. The telethon will be a true reflection of solidarity, as, in addition to fundraising, it will also feature a campaign to increase public awareness of the need for organ donation.

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