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Today the Bulletin of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) published subsidies order ECF/320/2010, dated 14 May, which establishes the rules and regulations governing concession of these grants to attract strategic executive talent to SMEs in the Catalan biotechnology and biomedicine sector.

This is the second year that the Government of Catalonia Department of Economy and Finance and Biocat have held the Talent for Competitiveness Program, which aims to shore up competitiveness and internationalization of Catalan companies through the concession of direct grants of up to 20,000 euros per company, for temporary hiring of experts in strategic areas like market and business development, regulatory strategy and R&D strategy. The total amount earmarked for this call is 250,000 euros.

Professional profiles

The grants will be allotted to hire professionals whose prestige and experience are internationally recognized and who meet one of the following profiles:

  • Strategic figure for development of research-and-development-intensive companies: a professional with experience that will allow them to define an innovative strategy and international positioning for research and technology projects thorough the provision of technological assistance services and commercial consulting regarding intellectual property rights, as well as the identification of strategic partners through their network of international contacts to drive development of the project and the global competitiveness of the company in question.
  • Management strategy figure: people with experience as General Directors or members of Boards of Administration in the international biotechnology or medical sectors who can contribute a strategic global vision to the business model, consulting on innovation and technology markets, and their international network of contacts.
  • Research strategy figure: scientists with international experience as well as a business profile and vision that can advise the company on visibility and the studies necessary for industrial research and contribute international references of competitiveness in applied research and the state-of-the-art in the market of the innovative projects being developed by the company in question.
  • Regulatory affairs strategy figure: professionals with the ability to design strategies for applying regulations regarding biomedical and biotechnology products in order to allow the company to meet legal requirements established by national and international evaluation agencies, analyze any weaknesses in the project or the company’s global outlook, and design ad hoc solutions that allow the company to generate value for stockholders and in the market. 
  • Exclusions: anyone who has a stable contractual relationship with the company, its partners, established members of the company’s board and those who do not meet either the target profiles described above or the expected functions (at the discretion of the evaluation committee).

Applications can be presented from 9 June to 2 July 2010. Application forms will be available starting tomorrow on the Department of Economy and Finance website:

Unlike last year, all interested companies must present required application forms and documentation to:

Directorate General for Economic Promotion
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 639?
08010 Barcelona?
Tel. +34 93 552 81 50


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