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The Catalan startups and spinoffs that took part in the 33rd Barcelona Healthcare Investment Forum were:

  • Affirma Biotech SL: a startup that develops new orally available immunotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of severe infections.
  • Fecundis: which develops sperm enhancing technologies, based on a deep understanding of reproductive biology, that increase the success of infertility treatments. The company is currently participating in Biocat’s CRAASH Barcelona acceleration program. 
  • The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions: which has created a device capable of detecting breast cancer in urine. The device includes 9 chemical sensors that pick up the scent of certain biomarkers of the disease. 
  • Gate2Brain:  is a biotech company focused on developing therapeutics that efficiently cross biological barriers. It has created the G2B-002, a therapeutic-peptide shuttle that carries the effective drug to the brain to fight this condition. It is currently participating in the “la Caixa” Foundation's CaixaResearch Consolidate. 
  • Wtswrng: has developed a virtual AI platform focused on the triage process that uses the universal language of graphics and images for users to receive basic health advice regardless of language barrier or literacy level.
  • Virmedex: which offers an AI-based platform that creates a virtual environment where professionals can train for any situation through physiologically realistic simulations.

During the event, all seven companies got the chance to pitch to investors in the health sector, along with another four international startups: Airway Shield, Rethink Medical and Spinally Medical SL.

In recent years, the event has become a benchmark in the Catalan biomedical ecosystem, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the community to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors in the health sector.

As an addition to this year’s event, thanks to sponsorship from Alira Health, participants will receive free regulatory advice and access to the market to promote entrepreneurship within the biomedical sector and to provide startups with a better market exit strategy.

Biocat CEO Robert Fabregat took part in the event. The event was organized jointly by the Barcelona Medical Association (CoMB), Barcelona Activa-Barcelona City Council, ESADE BAN, Biocat and Grup Med.

You can catch this session and previous editions on the Barcelona Medical Association’s Youtube channel.

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