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AB-Biotics Board of Directors will propose the acquisition of Quantum Experimental Madrid-based company, through a social capital increase for a maximum amount of 1.431,819.9 Euros during its shareholders meeting next 11th April. Last December, Biocat already advanced this information in its web (click here to read the piece of news).

This increase will represent 454,546 new shares, with a nominal value of €0.05 and €3.10 per issued share. The new titles will be completely subscribed by Quantum Experimental partners through the contribution of its social shareholdings, so they will be controlling 8.3% of AB-Biotics.

Once the operation has been approved by shareholders, Quantum Experimental will join R+D Outsourcing area of AB-Biotics, complementing the services of this biotech Catalan company.

The current appraisal of AB-Biotics, according to the Alternative Stock Exchange Market quotation of last 3rd March 2011, is €16.20 million. The new company will have a value of €17.63 million.

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