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Catalan biotechnology firm AB-Biotics has signed an agreement to market two new products in the USA and Japan. On the American market, they will launch the oral probiotic AB-Dentalac. On the Japanese market, Neurofarmagen, which is a pharmacogenetic test for personalized medicine.

The agreement to market AB-Dentalac was reached with Jarrow Formulas, an American company that specializes in probiotic solutions. The product, designed to protect and improve oral health, has been developed from two clinically proven strains, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus brevis. AB-Biotics selected these two strains because they protect tooth enamel and reduce bacteria that cause bad breath.

AB-Dentalac, which is marketed indirectly in Europe under the brand ProlacSan, will be sold in the USA beginning this September in chewing gums administered once a day. The Catalan biotechnology firm values this agreement very highly because it will allow them to enter the American market, which is an important milestone for the company.

On the other hand, the launch of Neurofarmagen on the Japanese market will be possible thanks to a licensing agreement AB-Biotics has signed with Riken Genesis, a benchmark in Japan in implementing customized treatments and personalized therapies. The product, which is already being sold on 15 important markets around the world and expects to move into the American market soon, is a pharmacogenetic test for personalized medicine for patients with neuro-psychiatric diseases, developed fully by the Catalan biotechnology firm.

Riken Genesis believes this is the most advanced test in the world in this field. As the new AB-Biotics licensee, the Japanese company will finish the regulatory process and promote and distribute the test. The launch on the Japanese market is expected for early 2016.

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