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By Biocat

AB-Biotics has reached an agreement with Biolab, the second most important Brazilian pharmaceutical laboratory and a leader in the prescription cardiovascular drug market, to distribute their probiotic AB-Life in Brazil. The operation will bring the Catalan biotech firm a minimum volume of business of €2.5 millions for the 2012-2016 period. They have also signed a contract with Laboratorios Leti SAV to market the same product in Venezuela.

These agreements, which are renewable after the initial five years, are the firm’s third international licensing contract for AB-Life, after confirmation in January that the Slovenian company Inspharma will distribute the product in southeast Europe.

A natural probiotic formula to fight cholesterol

AB-Life is a probiotic formula, meaning that it is based on bacterial strains found naturally in the human intestines. According to the clinical study conducted by Hospital Puerta del Hierro in Madrid, AB-Life is capable of reducing cholesterol levels between 14% and 18%, making it "much more effective than other products on the market," according to the company’s sources.

AB-Biotics’ total revenue for 2011 was €6.16 millions, up 71% from the previous year. Last December they closed a capital increase of €4.3 millions to fund the first stage of their internationalization plan. The aim is to be present in countries with high potential like Brazil, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Turkey, specifically to market their line of personalized medicine solutions and license their line of functional ingredients.

With the Catalan delegation to BIO Boston 2012

AB-Biotics is one of the 72 companies and organizations that are travelling with the Catalan delegation coordinated by Biocat to the top global biotech convention, BIO Boston 2012 convention, from 18 to 21 June.

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