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Among the emerging powers, India and China seem to be destined to be the most important markets for the biotechnology and medical technology fields. Its high production capacity in the pharmaceutical sector has already made India one of the top manufacturers of generic and biosimilar drugs in the world and the market where large European and American laboratories seek partners to develop their production processes.

Relations between the European Union –the second largest world power in the field of biotechnology– and India are strategic and a top priority, so both regions are negotiating a framework to promote commercial exchange and technology transfer.

ACC1Ó, the agency of the Government of Catalonia that promotes competitiveness of Catalan enterprise, published a 65-page study analyzing the legal and institutional framework of the biotechnology sector in India with the aim of helping increase legal security and promote commercial relations and technology transfer among Indian and European stakeholders, overcoming obstacles like the complex legal system and intellectual property. ACC1Ó has had abusiness promotion center in New Delhi since 1992.

The authors of this study are Xavier Seuba, who holds a PhD in Law from the Pompeu Fabra University, and Carlos Correa, who holds a PhD in Law from the University of Buenos Aires.

At the 2010 Biocat Forum, held last 2 December, director of the ACC1Ó Internationalization Center, Diego Guri, announced the upcoming publication of this study during his participation in the roundtable entitled Emerging markets: India and China.

Study Biotechnology in India: its Policy and Normative Framework (2010)

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