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The d·HEALTH Barcelona postgraduate program, Biocat’s main initiative to develop talent and entrepreneurship in the healthcare arena, will begin its fifth year in January 2018. The admissions process, which is now open, is geared towards young graduates in business, design, industrial engineering and the life sciences who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the healthcare and medical technology sector.

World-renowned as one of the top programs on prestigious rankings like Tech.EU and Health Startup, which calls it “probably the best health-innovation accelerator in Europe”, the program trains multidisciplinary teams in which the fellows experience a full innovation cycle, from identifying unmet medical needs at leading hospitals in Barcelona to designing and prototyping a viable solution, then scouting for funding to create their own start-up.

Accelerating entrepreneurship through biodesign

According to data on the first three years (the fourth is still underway), 97% of graduates start up their own project or find work in the sector just after finishing the program. In fact, there are already 40 new entrepreneurs from the program accelerating nine projects, three of which have been established as a start-up and raised a total of €2.7 millions.

Each year the program has an impact on 1,100 people, including healthcare and hospital staff, patients, mentors, faculty, research and technology centers and other key stakeholders in the sector. “One of our goals is to promote innovation in the sector and help build a stronger, more competitive ecosystem,” explains Moebio academic director and director of e-Health and Health 2.0 at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Jorge Juan Fernández.

d·HEALTH Barcelona is one of just four European programs inspired by the Stanford University biodesign methodology and, through the EIT Health Innovation Fellowships program, it has an agreement with its counterparts Bioinnovate Ireland –at the University of Galway– and Clinical Innovation Fellowships –at the Karolinska Institute– to promote mobility and the exchange of fellows through joint activities. This facilitates connections with other healthcare ecosystems and boosts the program’s international positioning.

Biodesign is a process that identifies, invents and implements new products or services in healthcare using innovative approaches like design thinking.

Registration open

Anyone interested can now submit their application and get 10% off Early Bird fees before 30 June.

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