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By Biocat

Almirall, present in more than 70 countries and with 13 subsidiaries, has acquired a 5% stake in the Catalan biotechnology firm AB-Biotics, which is publicly traded on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB). This capital will go to fund various studies and research programs in AB-Biotics’ genetics division and the international expansion of its products. For example, starting in 2013, they will boost promotion and marketing of a pharmacogenetic test (Neurofarmagen) that, from DNA extracted from a saliva sample, allows doctors to identify a patient’s predisposition to respond to the most commonly used active ingredients to treat depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and epilepsy.

The operation will be completed with Almirall purchasing 465,115 shares of AB-Biotics stock, at €2.15 per share, as part of the capital increase AB-Biotics has launched on the MAB.

This move by Almirall "is an example of the fact that alliances between biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms are increasingly necessary to foster innovation in healthcare,” explained Miquel Àngel Bonachera and Sergi Audivert, co-founders and CEOs of AB-Biotics.

More information is available of the AB-Biotics and Almirall websites.

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