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Continued breakthroughs in the field of molecular biology are leading to new biological drugs and therapies, which are ever more specific and have improved therapeutic profiles.

With the aim of training healthcare professionals and exchanging ideas and opinions on the challenges and opportunities posed by the arrival of a new generation of drugs, Amgen is holding the Forum on Innovation in Human Therapy through Biotechnology on 15 December at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).

The event will be presented by Fernando Albericio, general manager of the PCB; Jordi Martí, general manager of Amgen in Spain and Portugal; and Raimon Belenes, CEO of the Barcelona Hospital Clínic.


9.30 h - Genomics, implications for the development of biotech drugs
Ivo Gut, director of the National Genome Analysis Center (CNAG)

10.30 h - Epidemiology and breakthroughs in managing febrile neutropenia in Spain
Pere Gascón, head of Oncology at Barcelona Hospital Clínic

11.15 h - Biotechnology as a tool to improve drugs to treat febrile neutropenia
Juan J. Pérez Ruix, Amgen Department of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

12.00 h - Coffee break

12.30 h - Debate: How can we recognize the value of biotech products?

Moderator: Antoni Gilabert, managing director of Pharmaceutical Care and Complementary Services, Catsalut

Carlos Buesa, CEO, Oryzon
Lluís Ruiz, managing partner and CEO, Janus Developments
Jordi Martí, general manager, Amgen Spain-Portugal
Pere Gascón, head of Oncology, Barcelona Hospital Clínic
Jordi Serra, head of Clinical Hematology, Hospital Sant Pau

13.30 h - Conclusions and proposals for the future
Joan Rodés, director of Healthcare Research, Barcelona Hospital Clínic


Date: 15 December 2010
from 9.30 am to 2 pm
PCB • Antoni Caparrós Auditorium (Torre D) • C/ Baldiri Reixac, 4 • Barcelona (Spain)


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