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Anaxomics Biotech, which these days is present in the BIO-Europe Munich partnering conference with the Catalan delegation leaded by Biocat, launches its Global Collaborative Drug-Reprofiling Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to boost drug discovery by maximizing the therapeutic potential of safe compounds that exist in the pipeline of biopharmaceutical companies.

Biopharma companies need today to maximize the value of their pipeline, and one of the strategies is to identify new indications or uses for existing drugs. Many safe compounds, initially intended to cure one main disease, can be useful for treating other diseases. Drug reprofiling has to be a directed, rational and optimized process, where new indications can be predicted and identified in weeks, not in months or years. For doing so, Anaxomics' Systems Biology approach explores the full potential of the analysis of the biochemical networks in order to identify the new indications for known drugs.

“In our Global Collaborative Initiative, we offer biopharma companies all over the world a quick and systematic analysis of their pipeline, in a flexible model that may consist on a fee-for-service approach, or a shared-risk approach, depending on the clients' wish”, says Dr. Jordi Naval,  founder and CEO of Anaxomics. “We have already helped many companies to reprofile drugs for Alzheimer Disease, Seizures, Oncology, Hypertension and Diabetes, among others”, confirms Dr, Naval.

Anaxomics is one of the most innovative companies active in the field of applications of Systems Biology to Medicine and Drug Discovery. Anaxomics works for Biopharma companies all over the world, helping them discover and evaluate safer and more effective medicines. It has offices in Barcelona (Spain), Lausanne (France) and Boston (USA), and employs more than 20 skilled professionals in the field.


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