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Barcelona will host new training sessions for students, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs on medical devices, entrepreneurship and business management. These sessions, promoted by Biocat, are broken into three different programs and will be held between April and October.

They are the new packs of MOEBIO Short Programs, a Biocat initiative, featuring academics and professionals from some of the top institutions in the world, government and industry. Each Short Program will last no more than 20 hours, divided into anywhere from three to eight sessions. Participants can sign up for the whole program or for individual sessions. There is a 50% discount for fourth-year undergraduate students and master students in the following fields: economics, healthcare and life sciences, engineering and design.


Three themed training programs

The first pack, Medical Devices I: Product Development, will spend six sessions looking closely at the process of conceptualizing and creating a medtech product with training on biomedical engineering, designing and prototyping medical devices and new materials used in design. Classes start on 20 April and finish on 13 July. Registration is open now.

The second pack takes over where the previous one leaves off, dealing with the commercial side of medical devices. Over five sessions (from 24 May through 7 September), the Medical Devices II: Market Access program will cover market-access strategies, health technology assessment and regulatory and patent issues, from both a US and European perspective. Registration is open now.

The third pack, Entrepreneurship and Management, is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for new tools and approaches to make their businesses more efficient. Between 5 May and 5 October, seven sessions will be held on alternative funding, innovative business models in the healthcare arena, financial management and the value chain in the healthcare industry. Likewise, there will be a space to speak about the new challenges and trends in health and the main stakeholders that make up the global panorama in the healthcare and life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services. Registration is open now.

The MOEBIO Short Programs are part of the d·HEALTH Barcelona biodesign program (an initiative of Biocat), so participants will have the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with the fellows, who are developing innovative technology in the field of healthcare and launching their own projects.

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