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Biocat has given out the first internationalization vouchers under the Boost4Health project, which provides financial support, training and guidance for SMEs looking to explore their potential for international growth. This time, Goo Medical was awarded a product validation voucher (€5,000) and ZeClinics got a market research voucher (€3,000).

Goo Medical is working on an app for tablets to be used instead of paper to optimize various processes involved in surgery and improve patient safety with checklists, from initial preparations through recovery. “With the Boost4Health voucher, we want to visit the Medway NHS Foundation Trust and sign a collaboration agreement to allow them to use our tool, validate it and adapt it to their needs and to the English market,” explains Goo Medical CEO Eric Garcia.

ZeClinics will use its voucher to expand into the German biopharmaceutical market with a multi-level market study. “The aim is to explore leading bioregions and the main academic and business stakeholders in several therapeutic areas in line with ZeClinics’ large portfolio,” highlights Albert Pineda, the firm’s head of Business Development


How to apply for Boost4Health micro-financing

Boost4Health enables SMEs to take their innovations to foreign markets from the Boost4Health regions: Wallonia, Belgium; Denmark (entire country); Bretagne, France; Pays de la Loire, and Center, France; Hauts-de-France, France; STERN BioRegion, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; Province of Brabante Septentrional, Netherlands; Province of Gelderland, Netherlands; Province of Overijssel, Netherlands; BioRegion of Catalonia, Spain; Kent County, United Kingdom, and ​Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Among other actions, the project offers micro-financing for internationalization and validation activities and provided in the form of vouchers. SMEs can apply for travel vouchers (€500) for trips to congresses, fairs, Boost4Health events or for travel to Boost4Health regions (for a technological mission) to visit experts and providers. On the other hand, to accelerate internationalization, Boost4Health issues two different types of vouchers: Market internationalization voucher(up to €3,000) to explore a new market and Product validation voucher (up to €5,000) which may cover technical advice, creation of prototypes and presentation .

To apply for a travel or internationalization voucher, visit the Boost4Health website and register as SME. If your company can provide services to innovative companies in the sector, you can register as a service provider.  Next cut-off dates for internationalization vouchers are March 31 and June 30, 2018. Regarding travel vouchers, you can apply from October 2017 to March 2017; and from April to September 2018. Check here the Guidelines for Boost4Health vouchers applicants.


Free training with MOEBIO Short Programs

Companies participants in Boost4Health Project will have free of charge registration to training from MOEBIO Short Programs. The MOEBIO Short Programas are training courses that deal with key issues in healthcare, innovation, management and entrepreneurialism. The SMEs will need to register to and select their interest in receiving coaching. Then Biocat will provide the procedure to access the training and a registration code that will be valid until 3 business days prior to the starting of the activity. Those registrations made with the code without participating into B4H program will not be able to access the room.


Other initiatives from Boost4Health

SMEs will have the opportunity to expand their network of partners and contacts at international matchmaking/meeting events. These will be organized in collaboration with important healthcare and life sciences events in the partner regions, such as BIO-Europe, Medica, Nordic Life Sciences and BIO-Europe Spring. To keep up to date with these events, you can subscribe to Biocat’s email newsletter.

On the other hand, Boost4Health offers an online database where SMEs can discover and contact service providers to validate their products, get expert assessments and break into international markets, depending on their needs. The services on offer through the website may be subsidized with the internationalization vouchers: market access and product validation. In this database you can search for external service providers filtering for solution, sector of activity, region or type of provider. Companies that can provide services to innovative SMEs in the sector, can register as a service provider and get customers from the Boost4Health regions.

The North-West Europe partner regions involved in this project, together with Biocat, are: Biopeople (Denmark), Eurosanté (France), Pays de la Loire Atlanpole Biotherapies (France), ID2Santé, Innovation and development of the health sector in Bretagne (France), University of Liége, ULg (Belgium), East Netherlands Development Agency, Oost NV (Netherlands), Kent County Council, KCC, (United Kingdom), Brabant Development Agency, BOM (Netherlands), BioRegio STERN Management, STERN (Germany) and GM usiness Support Ltd, MGC (United Kingdom).

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