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By Biocat

Organizations need creative leaders to help boost innovation and the world needs entrepreneurs to bring this innovation to the market, not only in order to create new opportunities for economic growth but also to provide solutions to large-scale social challenges, from health to sustainable development.

In order to address this need, and with the slogan Positive social change through personal growth, the KaosPilots initiative was created in Aarhus (Denmark) in 1991. This alternative training school trains entrepreneurs, which they call change makers, to lead new business focuses and new innovative business projects.

CEO —and former student— of KaosPilots Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius will be in Barcelona on 14 June, invited by Biocat, to give a conference entitled Creative Leadership for entrepreneurial challenge at Bizbarcelona, the meeting of SMEs and entrepreneurs organized by the Fira de Barcelona, which will bring together more than 14,000 people over two days at the Montjuïc fairgrounds.

During his conference, Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius will explain how creative leadership can make the most of an organization or a team’s potential to generate a new innovative culture. In short, it is a question of creating imaginative responses to the challenges of this changing world, fostering alternative focuses for business and social challenges.

Biocat is currently working with KaosPilots to design entrepreneurial training programs in the life sciences sector. These programs are part of the Moebio initiative, with which Biocat aims to meet entrepreneurial training needs at the interfaces of the bio-health-tech-business arenas.

In addition to the interesting program of conferences, bizbarcelona also offers entrepreneurs a Financing Marketplace, a VideoPitch, Open innovation MarketPlace and the Global Entrepreneurship Competition.

To attend the conference you must register for Bizbarcelona. No spots will be reserved. Entrance to the room where the conference will be held is open to all those attending Biz.

Registration (free entrance. Enter the code XNU3NG8W)

Conference date: 14 June 2012
Time: 11 am
Venue: Fira de Barcelona • Palau 5 (Sala 6) • Montjuïc fairgrounds • Av. Maria Cristina, s/n • Barcelona (Spain)

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