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Biocat, through their Innovation Department, is driving a technology evaluation program called VALUEMED in order to foster scientific/technological opportunities in the biomedical field in Catalonia and promote their successful transfer to market.

The first phase of the project, which will be developed with collaboration from ARVOR Consulting, will evaluate the bulk of the existing knowledge in this field. Specifically, it will collect information from activities carried out by participating research groups by revising their pipeline of projects and holding interviews with researchers. This information will be evaluated by transfer and valorization experts and will be used to define the type of knowledge and technology developed, study the market orientation and create a road map for the pre-market stages.

The VALUEMED project will be developed in the following phases:

  • Selecting research groups to evaluate knowledge.
  • Classifying projects and technology from each research group. 
  • Determining the potential markets and possible barriers to entry. 
  • Evaluating the knowledge according to target market, associated risks and time to market.
  • Creating feasibility reports for knowledge with best possibilities for transfer.

At the end of this process the following documents will be distributed to each of the participating research bodies:

  • A report describing the state of technology and/or projects developed by research groups according to their target markets.
  • Positioning matrix for technology and/or projects developed by target market, associated risks and time to market.
  • Feasibility reports for technology and/or products most likely to go to market.

The VALUEMED project is part of Biocat’s commitment to the valorization and commercialization of life sciences research as the organization that promotes the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology cluster in Catalonia.

Research institutes and groups interested in participating in this project must send the application form by email to before 5 February 2010.

For further information:
Laia Arnal • • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30

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