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Biocat has launched its new website, a tool that brings together all of the body’s initiatives to support research, innovation and business growth, plus the most relevant news from the sector. The new site also aims to boost the visibility and become a space to dynamize the public and private stakeholders that make up the BioRegion of Catalonia.

The new website is also a source of information, where foreign companies and organizations can learn about the companies, research groups and bodies, hospitals, universities, administrations and the support structures for knowledge and innovation transfer that make up the ecosystem.

New structure, clearer and easier to understand

The new web browsing and information architecture makes it easier for users to find the activities and projects Biocat is working on, while also allowing them to stay up to date on the latest news and events in the sector.

The sitemap has four main sections:

  • Who we are: This space allows companies and organizations from the biosciences sector to learn more about Biocat, its mission and aims, strategic focal points and the people behind the projects.
  • What we doIn this section, users can see and learn about the initiatives and projects Biocat is working on to help make the sector a driving force for Catalonia’s economy recognized worldwide. It also includes links to job offers in the sector.
  • About the BioRegionThis space gives users the most representative figures and characteristics of the BioRegion and information on how it has become one of the fastest growing bioclusters in Europe. Plus, it also features publications like the Biocat Report on the state of the BioRegion, benchmark documents and reports in the sector and other resources of interest. It also has links to the Directory of the BioRegion.
  • News in the Sector: In this section, users can stay up to date on what's happening in the sector, from the most important events to news, interviews and reports from Biocat.

With the new website, Biocat is aiming to boost its digital presence and strategy in order to improve interaction among the stakeholders in the sector and raise their visibility internationally. As always, Biocat encourages all members of the BioRegion to send us your news so we can publish them on our website and social media.

The launch of the new website coincides with a new monthly e-newsletter (E-news), with two new sections: Start-up Generation, in which businesspeople share their first-hand experience as entrepreneurs, and Bonus, with interesting articles, videos or posts. 

Biocat also offers a free written and digital press-clipping service for any professionals interested in following information and events in the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector. Users just have to sign up to get a daily e-mail digest of the news, from Monday to Friday.

Users can subscribe to both electronic communications, as well as to other information on activities in the biosciences sector in Catalonia, on the subscriptions page of the new site


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