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Biocat, with advisory support from the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and the UAB Research Park (PRUAB), is organizing the Barcelona Innovation workshops: NanoBiotechnology - IT for Biology & Health, to be held on 4 and 6 October at the Hotel Sehrs located at the Autonomous University of Barcelona Campus.

The aim of these workshops, which are part of the Interbio project for collaboration among European regions, is to increase mutual knowledge and cooperation among participating regions (Barcelona, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Toulouse and Valencia). For this reason they are aimed at research stakeholders that use or want to use nanotechnology and IT to develop products or services and are interested in participating in international research projects.

Each workshop will be made up of four sessions, which have been designed with a dynamic format based on brief presentations, lasting at most ten minutes, that will highlight actions carried out previously and possible fields for collaboration. 

After the presentations there will be time to exchange opinions, identify possible areas for collaboration and reach conclusions, which will be presented before all participants in the final plenary session.

The Interbio scientific committee is made up of Francesc Gòdia, the Rector’s commissioner on Biotechnology and Biomedicine at the UAB; Jordi Quintana, director of the PCB’s Drug Discovery Platform; and Rickard Bucksch, director of Innovation and Marketing at the PRUAB.



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