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The next edition of Biocàpsules training programme promoted by Biocat, which will take place next 29th June at  the Museu Colet of Barcelona, will be centered on Strategic management of industrial property. This Biocàpsula wants to provide a vision of company patents management from a strategic point of view. It focuses on key elements to help decision making related to industrial property assets. Also, the program includes how to avoid competence or interferences of patents or publications of other companies. With a methodology eminently practical, assistants will be able to know what and when to patent along the value chain.

Strategic priority of Biocat

Biocàpsules, which are already in their second edition, were born in the sector of biotechnology and biomedicine as an answer to one of the strategic priorities of Biocat, that is, to promote and stimulate formative offer in Catalonia. With this program, Biocat wants  "to cover non satisfied needs at present in the sector companies, while it reinforces companies managerial strategic decision making teams", as points out Montserrat Vendrell, CEO of Biocat.

The session, which will take place 29th June, is part of the program that Biocat is developing since last month of April and that deals with five strategic areas (Negotiation for biotechnology managers, Business development, Strategic communication, Project management and the current about Strategic management of intellectual property). Its objective is that each professional can acquire the necessary knowledge to improve its company competitiveness.

This edition of Biocàpsules, which has had a big participation success, will finish next 14th October with a second session dedicated to Strategic Communication. This session has been incorporated this year as a novelty in the programme and will analyze communication as an essential element of companys’ strategies and a tool to improve its competitiveness.

Date: 29th June 2010
from 9 am to 18 pm
Place: Museu Colet • C/ Buenos Aires, 56 • Barcelona (Spain)


For further information: Biocat • Biocàpsules Technical secretary's office • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •


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