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By Biocat

The biotechnology sector in China will maintain a pace of growth around 10% annually in the next 5-10 years. The strategic plan of the Chinese government, the principal driver of the sector, is focused on the areas of R&D of medicines and vaccines for the prevention and cure of diseases (principally cancer, hepatitis and AIDS), the use of the bio (genomic) technology for the development of species with a high speed of propagation in order to drive the agricultural modernization of the country, and the drive of the transfer and sale of intellectual property to stimulate industrialization and marketing of the biotechnological products. In 2012, pharmaceutical biotechnology envisages that it will represent approximately 50% of the billing of the sector, agriculture 43% and industry 6%.

Furthermore, the Chinese medical equipment market is the second most important of Asia (following Japan). Despite being a very geographically fragmented market, according to the economic resources of the areas, the government is making an important investment in order to offer medical coverage to 90% of the population, construct new health centres and renovate the medical equipment. The products with highest sales are the electro-medical and X-ray equipment and IVD instruments (in vitro diagnosis), prostheses and orthopaedics.

With the aim of strengthening and consolidating the presence of Catalan companies in this large market, ACC1Ó is organizing an institutional and business mission to Shanghai and Guangzhou, two of the most developed and attractive areas for investment and foreign trade, from 1 to 8 December 2012. The mission will be led by the president of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas.

The Catalan companies that participate can establish trade and cooperation relations, whether industrial or technological, with Chinese companies of the sectors with the greatest potential such as green technologies, biotechnology and biomedicine, ITC, and equipment with high technological value, among others. The mission includes a collective program with institutional visits and acts and an individual work agenda for each company (optional). Two proposals are offered:

  • Itinerary 1 - Shanghai: €2,500 (VAT not included)
  • Itinerary 2 - Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong: €3,100 (VAT not included)

What does ACC1Ó offer in this mission?

  • Information on the sector through an interview with the director(s) of the Centre(s) of Business Promotion of ACC1Ó in China and/or with a consultant from ACC1Ó in Barcelona.
  • Agenda of individualized contacts prepared by the Centres of Business Promotion of ACC1Ó in charge of the Chinese market. 
  • Participation in the B2B Guangzhou meeting between Chinese and Catalan businessmen. 
  • Attendance at the World Fair SME Expo in Hong Kong.
  • Logistics support.
  • Travel bag for the participating company, in case it requests an agenda. Only one person per company may take advantage of this aid.

Consult the participation conditions

Registration (Deadline: 14 September 2012)

For more information, contact ACC1Ó:
Núria Juan • • Tel +34 93 567 68 87
Gemma Brey • • Tel +34 93 552 42 21

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