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Biotechnology is part of our lives. Most people have no idea how many different uses it has, nor that they are all around us: food, materials, diagnosing and treating illnesses, etc. The Spanish Biotech Platform has organized a huge event on the streets of Madrid for 20 and 21 January 2012, which will help raise awareness of biotechnology among the general public.

Over these days, workshops and lectures will be held for children and adults. For example, the public will be able to participate in workshops explaining how biotechnology is involved in the winemaking process (with winetasting afterwards) and in the development of compounds to be used in cosmetics. A farmer has also been invited to discuss the breakthroughs achieved by applying this technology to agriculture.

For children, there will be storytelling and the Biotech Game with experiments from biotech company Vita Aidelos to extract and visualize DNA from microorganisms, discover applications of genetic engineering, visually identify the morphology of microorganisms and more.

Regina Revilla, member of the Platform’s Management Team and president of the Spanish Association of Biotech Companies (Asebio), explains that “we want people to see that biotechnology is beneficial, something that helps them in their day-to-day life and that breakthroughs in this field are leaps forward for society and for the economy.” Rafael Camacho, CEO of Genoma España, believes that “raising awareness of biotechnology, its applications and its benefits is necessary and essential to having a well-informed society that can make informed decisions. Likewise, it is key to take biotechnology into the schools from an early age in order to promote interest in science and foster scientific vocation.”

The Spanish Biotech Platform has also created the website, where visitors can find detailed information about biotechnology, its applications and benefits, as well as how to join the Twitter, Facebook and Tuenti groups.


Date: 20 and 21 January 2012
Venue: La Vaguada Shopping Center • C/ Puerto de Maspalomas, 12 (city center) • Madrid (Spain)

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