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In order to foster collaborative relationships among Catalan and American organizations and companies, Biocat has signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio), an association that represents more than 600 biotechnology companies and organizations in that state. There are more than 400 biotech firms in Massachusetts, 60% of which are devoted to developing new therapeutic drugs. In that state alone, 1,100 biotech drugs are developed, according to MassBio, making up 8% of the total global drug portfolio.

Over the coming months, Biocat and MassBio will collaborate closely to foster and promote the biotechnology industry in both bioregions. The aims of this agreement include:

  • Facilitating international investment and collaboration.
  • Supporting companies interested in establishing an office or laboratory in either Massachusetts or Catalonia. 
  • Facilitating participation of Catalan companies in the International MassConnect Fellow program.

International MassConnect Program, entrepreneurs from Catalonia in Boston

For some time now, MassBio has been running the MassConnect program, geared towards local entrepreneurs in the bio sector that have started up a company still in the early stages of moving into the industry and seeking out funding. After the positive experience on a local level, this year they have introduced an international edition.

The International MassConnect program encompasses a series of mentoring and training actions for companies from a variety of countries. The idea is to link new businesspeople with more experienced biotechnology professionals, who can transfer their expertise and advise the newcomers on business development. These mentors also provide guidance for entrepreneurs who have recently started up a company and need to find funding and improve their business plan.

From Catalonia, Sagetis Biotech (winner of the 2009 BioEmprenedorXXI Award) was selected to participate in this international program. Sagetis CEO Eduard Diviu is participating in the first edition of this program in Boston from 12 to 16 September.

Press release (22/9/2011)

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