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Communication management is essential in a business strategy and brings value in aspects as relevant as reputation, image and credibility of an organization. Next session of the formative program Biocàpsules organized by Biocat for next May 19, will be dedicated to strategic Communication and will be given by Eloisa Alonso, managing director at Hill & Knowlton España and communication consultant in the area of health sciences, and Joan Ramon Vilamitjana, director of Hill & Knowlton Barcelona.

During the formative session, participants will learn how to bring value to their organizations through strategic management of communication and creating relations with their different publics of interest in order to improve its competitiveness. The session is structured in seven modules and it has a duration of eight hours:

  • Communication as a key element in entrepreneurial strategy
  • Communication functions in the creation of value
  • How to communicate
  • Communication in the area of biotechnology and biomedicine
  • Strategic elements of communication
  • Presentation of success stories
  • Practical case

The former session focused on Business Development

Last Biocàpsules session, which took place last April 27, focused on Business Development. The development of a business includes all activities that a company has to carry out in order to guarantee that its products, technologies and/or services arrive successfully to different markets. The process goes from the beginning with the generation of the idea until it reaches the market and it includes strategy development activities, offering it and research.

At the end of the session, Sergi Trilla, president and founder of Trifermed Group and at present responsible for the company expansion in North American and in the biotechnological sector, and Jaume Rodó, managing director at Trifermed Group, presented four key recommendations to the participants:

  • Work with a very clear and simple system, dividing projects into simple phases and completing all work in a phase before moving to next one, in order, and being very conscious of what one is doing.
  • Create tracking systems for the projects, knowing first-hand people in it and the location of our project at every moment.
  • Establish knowledge management systems which will help to share and create knowledge for the company.
  • Look very much after interpersonal relations, using available tools in a suitable way and prioritizing those facilitating relations. Search commitment above all.

“We recommend very much the use of face to face meetings and telephone as basic tools of communication, leaving the rest as complementary -basically email-, they are necessary, but insufficient", Sergi Trilla remarked.

After the session, Jordi Quintana, director of Science Policy at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) where he directs one of the Technological Platforms - Drug Discovery- and a national scope initiative called Chembiobank, explained that the session has brought him "a systematization of the necessary elements to make these three activities grow, and a structured action plan which he can immediately carry out".

Marta Palicio, Scientific Business Developer of Oryzon Genomics, also has given us her opinion: "a very dynamic and interactive course, where we have gone through concepts which can seem basic, but are useful to remember the basic working and organization elements when developing a business. Palicio also highlighted the speakers’ dynamics during the session and the assistants’ participation sharing their experiences which have made it a very enriching working day. I strongly recommend this Biocàpsula".

For further information: Biocat • Biocàpsules Technical secretary's office • Tel. +34 93 310 33 30 •


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