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After nearly two years of debate, the Science, Technology and Innovation Bill (121/000080) was approved yesterday in the competent Parliamentary Committee with the support of the PSOE, PP, ERC, CiU, PNB and Grup Mixt , and opposition of IU-ICV. This act will go into effect between April and May of this year.

This act substitutes the one that was passed in 1986 (Act 13/1986 on the Sponsoring and General Coordination of Scientific and Technical Research), and aims to modernize and drive the Spanish R&D&i system. It also recognizes the new administrative reality in Spain, which is divided in autonomous communities, that was not taken into account in the previous act. The other two large-scale challenges this act poses are to design a professional career that will attract researchers –transforming grants into work contracts- and help make science lead to economic strength –getting scientists to move between the public and private sectors. Under the framework of this act, a new State Research Agency will be created.

Video of the session approving the Science Act in Spanish (16/3/2011)


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