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The Consortium Biopol'H celebrates today at the Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus a technical working day about projects already in progress in its bioincubator: the hyperbaric chamber and Barcino program. Also, it presents the new projects which will occupy the new floor when the works are finished.

At 10h am, the director of the Consortium, Ramon López, will open the session. Next, Ginés Viscor will explain the Hyperbaric Service and Biomedical Physiology, which objective is to offer sportspeople, specific patients and companies the possibility to undertake an intermittent exposure program to hyperbaric hypoxia, tolerance tests to hypoxia and other procedures based on the exposure to a low environmental pressure.

At 10.30h am,  Josep M. Guilemany will speak about the Barcino program, which represents a European challenge since it introduces new cold thermal projection technologies to produce prostheses of biocompatibles materials for the biomedical market. According to Biopol'H, at present, there is not in the market a technology as developed as the one Barcino program incorporates. Also, the prostheses that are obtained do not present rejection problems; they are cheaper and have better characteristics and benefits, as well as longer duration than conventional ones.

The closing session will be in charge of the Catalan minister of Health, Marina Geli and the mayoress of l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Núria Marín.

Open day to visit the new bioincubator spaces

From 15 hr on, there will be an open doors session to visit the new facilities of the bioincubator. Biopol'H bioincubator offers spaces between 30 and 60 square meters and shared services of laboratory instruments and of animal facilities for the implantation of new companies. The added value is that it is located at the Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus and allows companies to be near welfare groups like University Hospital of Bellvitge and Hospital Duran y Reynals, and research groups like Catalan Institute of Oncology, Idibell and University of Barcelona.


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