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David Bermúdez, with a degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, has taken over as CEO of biotechnology firm Intelligent Pharma as of 1 September, after Ignasi Belda was named deputy director of the Barcelona Science Park.

Bermúdez, who previously served as CTO of the company, is taking up this new professional challenge after nearly 20 years of research, development and project management for projects in information and communication technology (ICT), artificial intelligence, supercomputing and drug design. In recent years, he has specialized in software engineering for biotechnology applications and has worked in the field of computational chemistry and molecular engineering at Intelligent Pharma since November 2011.

Under his leadership, Intelligent Pharma will continue working in its main lines of business with the goal of maintaining its position as an international benchmark in computational chemistry for drug discovery. David Bermúdez explained this, adding that the company's new commitments will include investment to open up new markets and continuing to promote agreements with other innovative public and private institutions. “With more than 200 projects conducted in 20 countries, it's time to invest in order to grow," he explains.

The new CEO is facing this new responsibility on solid footing. "I know the company well and I'm highly motivated to start this new chapter, as it is a professional challenge involving three of my personal passions: new technology, business management and, last but not least, the biotechnology sector," says Bermúdez.

David Bermúdez also has a degree in business management and administration from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and has studied abroad, including a course on data analysis and statistics at John Hopkins University and one on artificial intelligence and machine learning at Stanford University.

Ignasi Belda, the previous CEO, is also starting a new professional path as deputy director of the Barcelona Science Park. Belda, a computer engineer, founded Intelligent Pharma in 2007. The company, which focuses on developing, marketing and using new computational technology for drug discovery, has been recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology review (MIT) as a global benchmark in the field of computational chemistry.

Three years after it was founded, Intelligent Pharma launched an internationalization plan that has resulted in the company opening five new offices in five years. These are located in Germany (Heidelberg and Munich), United Kingdom (London), United States (Cambridge) and Canada (Calgary).


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