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Devicare, a Catalan company based in the UAB Research Park, has just reached a licensing agreement with InnovaSalud to distribute its line of products for self-monitoring and prevention of frequent urinary conditions, called Lit-Control®. This is the firm’s first step into the Latin American market, in a country where urinary and renal lithiasis affect 11% of the population.

Now Devicare will begin the process to gain regulatory approval from healthcare authorities in Mexico, through Cofepris, for the whole line of products in order to begin distributing them to the medical community and patients in the fourth quarter of 2017. The company is looking to sell both its Lit-Control pH Meter medical device and its food supplements to control urine pH: Lit-Control® pH Up, Lit-Control® pH Down and Lit-Control® pH Balance.

Lit Control® has been on the market in Spain since January 2016 through M4 Pharma. According to La Vanguardia, Devicare is also in advanced negotiations with other distributors to move into Italy, Germany, Canada and other countries in Latin America. Sales in European countries will begin immediately, as the devices have already been granted approval from the European Medicines Agency.

Devicare has developed a device to monitor urine pH and food supplements to help keep it balanced, making it easier to monitor and supervise patients with kidney stones (renal lithiasis), urinary infections, hyperactive bladders or cystitis, as well as other frequent urinary conditions. The product is geared towards primary care physicians and specialists. 


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