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The results of the elections held by the Medical Association of Barcelona (COMB) to renew their Board of Directors and the Assembly of Electors were made public this morning at 1:46 am: 6,382 votes for Dr. Miquel Vilardell (74.84%) -vice president of this association for the past four years- and 1,929 votes for Dr. Núria Fernández (22.62%). Thus, Dr. Vilardell will take over as president from Dr. Miquel Bruguera, who has led this association for the past 16 years.

Participation in this election was slightly higher than that held in 2006. 8,527 members voted, out of a total of 29,470, or 29.8% of all eligible doctors. Four years ago, 23% participated.

Dr. Miquel Vilardell (Borredà, 1946) is head of Internal Medicine at Vall d’Hebron Hospital and department chair at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). His website lists his priorities for this term, including “giving priority to initiatives that foster professional cohesion, encourage all doctors to strive for excellence and, above all, support those facing the most difficult situations.”

The elections took place without any irregularities.


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