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Biocat has given the contents of their website an important push, adding new sections, improving quality and encouraging diffusion through RSS technology.

Starting this September, the website will have two new sections: Current events and Expert opinions. The Current events section features top news stories from the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector –mainly in the BioRegion of Catalonia- as well as interviews and opinion articles written exclusively for Biocat by renowned personalities. The Expert opinions section was created with the aim of collecting articles that raise awareness of biotechnology and biomedicine by renowned scientists and experts from this field. All of the contents are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Additionally, there are new improvements to the page to increase usability, taking into account that the structure of the site is growing to meet new needs. On the home page we have added:

  • A page with all the Biocat RSS feeds. This technology allows users to subscribe and receive news published on the site without having to check for updates.
  • A footermap, at the bottom of the page, which makes it easier to find information on the site.
  • The Highlight section, with a selection of services, actions and projects of interest to the sector. Right now, this section features the contract manufacturing search engine, a tool to help companies from traditional sectors and medical technology companies search for business opportunities and possible partners; the directory of strategic international advisors, to help improve Catalan biotech companies’ ability to innovate and be competitive; the job offers section, which is free for all companies and organizations in the sector; life sciences training available at universities and business schools in Catalonia; and the International Center for Scientific Debate, an initiative of Biocat and Obra Social “la Caixa” to drive international scientific debate.

The Biocat website, with more than 100,000 hits and 300,000 pages visited each year, has become the online reference point for companies and organizations in the BioRegion of Catalonia and is, at the same time, an introduction to the BioRegion for international stakeholders.

Biocat e-Newsletter goes monthly

Coinciding with these new elements, Biocat has decided to publish the e-newsletter on a monthly basis –previously it went out quarterly- in order to keep subscribers and stakeholders up-to-date on a more regular basis.


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