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A total of 8 entrepreneurial projects presented their business ideas to potential investors at the 15th edition of the Healthcare Barcelona Investment Forum on Wednesday 7 October at the Barcelona Medical Association with great attendance and participation.

Health Engineering, Genomcore, Genocosmetics Lab, Anaconda BioMed, Subtilis Biomaterials, SM Genomics, Mind the Byte and Peptomyc were the companies chosen to present by the selection committee made up of representatives from the co-organizers: the Barcelona Medical Association, Barcelona Activa –Barcelona City Council, ESADE-BAN and Biocat. At the forum, they had the opportunity to scout for the funding they need to move forward with their projects.

Health Engineering is a biotechnology spin-off of the University of Jaen that holds the license to software that acts as a biomarker for early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. To get approval from the FDA and the European Commission and start marketing it in the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors, the company is looking for roughly €485.000 in capital.

A platform that analyzes the genome sequencing of any person from a saliva DNA sample is the product created by Genomcore. The company, which is looking to raise €250,000, presented Nubagen as a healthcare service in which users can not only obtain their genome sequencing but also get advice from professionals in the sector.

Genocosmetics Lab, looking for €300,000, is a small Barcelona-based biotechnology company that develops products that adapt to the dermatological profile of each person depending on different genetic factors, risks of ageing, life style and environment. Anaconda BioMed, of Sant Cugat del Vallès, is looking to raise €2 millions for a new type of catheter to make mechanical thrombectomy safer and more efficient without causing distal embolisms.

Another presentation was given by Subtilis Biomaterials, which wants to open a €1.5-millions round of funding to manufacture bone grafts for dental and orthopedic use that replace parts damaged by ageing. Caixa Capital RiscBanc Sabadell and Carlos Aparicio are partners in the company.

SM Genomics, a biotechnology start-up in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), works mainly with professional sports clubs to reduce the risk of injury and improve player performance. With their genetic biomarker test, they can detect which injuries a player is prone to and can be prevented. The company is looking for €300,000.

Dr. Nonells-Casals (CEO and founder) presented for bioinformatics company Mind the Byte, highlighting the recent launch of their Saas (Software as a Service) technology platform, through which they offer computational drug-design services. He also stressed the company’s crowdfunding campaign underway now on Crowdcube. Mind the Byte set its goal at €100,000. 

Finally, Peptomyc, a spin-off of the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), is working with an oncogene inhibitor (Omomyc-CPP) in the preclinical phases and wants to prove its efficacy in treating lung cancer and glioblastoma in the first clinical trials in order to then license it to a pharmaceutical company. The company is looking for €150,000.

This was the fifteenth consecutive Healthcare Investment Forum held in Barcelona, making it a key event to boost the local economy based on health, biotechnology, medical equipment and services, and health technology.

In the Youtube channel of the COM you can view all presentations of the day.


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