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By Biocat

The European Commission has announced the final call for proposals under the 7th Framework Program (7FP), the main European funding instrument for research and innovation projects, though which they will allocate €8,100 millions to companies, universities, research centers and technology centers. From 2014 through 2020, the new European research framework program will be Horizon 2020.

"Knowledge is the currency of the global economy,” explained European Research, Innovation and Science Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn at the presentation in Brussels on 10 July. “If Europe wants to continue to compete in the 21st century, we must support the research and innovation that will generate growth and jobs, now and in the future. The high level of competition for EU funding makes sure that taxpayers' money goes to the best projects that tackle issues that concern all of us," Geoghegan-Quinn clarified.

In 2011, participation of Catalan companies and organizations in the 7FP was up 16.8%, and these bodies were awarded €146 millions.

The specific thematic areas that are eligible for this funding range from climate change to industrial innovation, more efficient processing of biological resources, food safety and supply, biological products and processes, the fight against neurological diseases, and ICT for health and neuroscience, among others.

According to data from ACC1Ó, participation of Catalan companies and organizations in the EU’s 7FP rose 16.8% in 2011, receiving €146 millions. Since 2007, Catalonia has attracted €529 millions, nearly 29% of all of 7FP funds awarded in Spain.

The 7FP began in 2007 with a budget of €55,000 millions. So far, these funds have supported 19,000 projects in which more than 79,000 bodies (universities, scientific organizations and companies) from the member states have participated. It is estimated that each euro spent through the EU Framework Program generates industrial value added of between €7 and €14.

More information on the call for proposals is available on the European Commission website.

Informative workshop for Catalan companies

ACC1Ó, AGAUR and CERCA are organizing the Connect-EU workshop on 20 September 2012 at the Barcelona World Trade Center to encourage Catalan companies to participate in the 7FP. Participants will learn about all the details of the 7FP call for proposals, as well as receiving guidance directly from national representatives of the programs and representatives of the European Commission.

For more information or to register for the workshop, visit the ACC1Ó website.

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