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By Biocat

The sixth Congress of the Spanish Federation of Biotechnology (BAC 2012), formerly known as Interuniversity Congress on Biotechnology, will be held on the Complutense University Madrid Campus from 18th to 20th July 2012. As in the past, the conference aims to meet both university and professional needs, creating a platform that serves as a framework for meeting and debate on biotechnology in Spain and in the European Union.

The scientific program will have as central issues the latest advances in basic research and the status of biotechnology in the market and in society. There will participate, among others, Dr. Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009, Dr. José Antonio López Guerrero, Director of Scientific Culture of the Center of Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa (CBMSO), and Dr. Regina Revilla, president of the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies (Asebio).

Any young researcher who has a recent publication can be part of the scientific program, specifically, will give a lecture of 15 minutes. Check the rules.

FEBiotec has also organized training courses aimed at people attending the conference to go further in issues such as flow cytometry, bioinformatics analysis of data obtained through NGS, communication and bioentrepeneurship. Also, there will be visits to leading companies and R&D centers in the Madrid area.

Competition posters and oral presentations

Parallel to the congress, CosmoCaixa Madrid, will host a satellite event called Biotech Meeting Point, which aims to disseminate the work done by researchers in biotechnology and related areas through their personal experiences, and promote development of generic skills such as communication through the presentation of posters and oral presentations. Researchers willing to participate in the competition of scientific posters and oral presentations must submit an abstract to enter the selection. These are the prizes:

  • FEBiotec IUCT Award to the best poster: €200 and a grant (50% discount) for a course at the Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (IUCT).
  • FEBiotec IUCT Award to the best oral communication: €200 and a grant (50% discount) for a Master’s Degree at IUCT.

Contest rules

Finally, there will be case studies presentations about the university-industry interaction, the creation of biotechnology companies and technology transfer, in order to support the professional orientation of young people.

Congress registration

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