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By Biocat

“la Caixa”, Barcelona Activa, Biocat, Genoma España and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce have started up a new edition of the BioEmprenedorXXI program to promote the creation of innovative companies with a vision for the future in the life sciences arena in Catalonia.

This program helps participants create their own company by providing them with a series of training activities and feasibility analyses of their business plan. They also receive mentoring from important figures in the sector. At the end of the program, a competition will be held in which a panel of judges will evaluate their business plans and award a first prize to the best entrepreneurial initiative (€20,000) and two runners-up (€10,000 and €5,000, respectively). The awards will be presented in December at the Biocat Forum, the yearly meeting of the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia. Regenear was the winner of the last edition, and the two runners-up were Endoasic Technologies and Minoryx Therapeutics.

The five organizations promoting BioEmprenedorXXI —which will last eight months and include roughly 15 business projects— highlight that the program is a unique opportunity to make new contacts, develop management skills, and access funding and the global market.

This program is geared towards university graduates, researchers, professors, doctoral students and entrepreneurs with a business idea or company in the start-up phase.

Registration is open through 13 May 2012.

Presentation event

All interested entrepreneurs are invited to attend the presentation event for the BioEmprenedorXXI program, given by the promoting bodies on 7 May 2012 at 12 pm at Barcelona Activa (C/ Llacuna, 162). The event will also include a roundtable entitled Entrepreneuring in the life sciences sector, featuring bioentrepreneurs from the previous editions.

Confirm attendance to the presentation event by e-mail: or phone +34 93 401 96 29 (Itziar Blasco)

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