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The Summer School on Medicines —co-organized by the University of Montreal, BiopolisQuébec, the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), Biocat, Oncopôle, Paul Sabatier University and the InnaBioSanté Foundation— continues to expand internationally. After being held in Barcelona last year, the fourth Summer School (SSM4) will be held in Montreal and Quebec City (Quebec, Canada) from 2 to 13 July 2012. Quebec is one of the leading North American regions in innovation and biomedicine.

The Summer School on Medicines has grown and consolidated its position each year because it contributes value and covers a training need for professionals in the pharmaceutical sector. It is geared towards students in the life sciences (graduate, masters, PhD and postdoctoral degrees), members of the biopharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies, researchers, scientific journalists and other professionals with ties to this subject. In 2011, the summer school selected 25 participants from eight different countries.

The SSM4 program, lasting 70 hours in total, is interdisciplinary and innovative. It differs from other training programs because it covers the whole value chain in drug development, from the initial idea through to the market. Structured into 15 different sessions, it features:

  • keynote speakers
  • case studies 
  • group sessions
  • panel debates
  • an industrial session 
  • presentation of posters on research work
  • and visits to cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies, science parks and research centers in Quebec.

The faculty is composed of top-notch experts from the biopharmaceutical industry and research bodies in countries like the United States, Canada, France and Spain, who will transmit their expertise on the research, business management and administration arenas. From Catalonia, participants will include Dr. Jordi Quintana, head of the PCB Drug Discovery Platform, and Dr. Ivo Gut, director of the National Genome Analysis Center (CNAG).

Grants for students from Catalonia

The University of Montreal and Biocat are proud to offer four grants to cover registration and help offset travel expenses. Applicants eligible for one of these four C$2,000 grants must study and/or work in Catalonia. The grants will be awarded based on the following criteria: extent to which the applicant’s curriculum vitae fits with the themes covered in the SSM4, priority given to individuals and/or small companies and organizations, and the order in which applications are received. To be considered, participants must send their curriculum vitae and a letter of introduction explaining why they would like to participate in the SSM4 to before 8 June 2012.

Registration open now! Spots limited. Deadline: 20 June 2012

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