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The Fundació La Marató de TV3 has opened the period to present biomedical research projects on minority diseases, which will be funded with the donations obtained in the last edition of La Marató 2009 (over 6 Million Euros). The deadline is next 22nd March 2010. There are about 7,000 recognized minority diseases, 80% of which are of genetic origin which affect one of every 2,000 people. In Catalonia there are about 400,000 people affected.



In order to apply, use the application forms linked below, both for unitary projects (one managing center) as well as for projects coordinated by two or more managing centers:

  • Coordinated projects: You need to fill in the form with the name of the project coordinator and including the global project budget and attaching a form for each center participant and its subproject (including the coordinator’s center one):

The projects have to be submitted at the Foundation’s main office (C/ Ganduxer, 117, 08022 Barcelona, Spain) from 9am to 2pm before next 22nd March 2010.

Year 2008 telemarathon funded 26 biomedical research projects on mental illnesses. They will be developed by 42 main researchers and their teams of 35 research centers from around Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

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