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Merck has announced it will now invest €6.2 millions in their plant in Mollet del Vallès. With this operation, they expect to construct a new building called Pesades, with 2,500 square meters for weighing out and dispensing raw materials and excipients. It will also feature areas for stability chambers, sampling and the plant's general records archive.

"The plant will feature latest-generation design, meeting all the requirements of the GMP guidelines (good manufacturing practices), incorporating all the recommendations to improve workplace ergonomics and optimize workflow. "The process we've used to prepare and present this project is also an example of how we work in Mollet, with top-notch collaborators who are extremely professional," said plant Director Sergi Vilar. The work and approval of the grounds are expected to begin this summer and will last between 18 and 20 months approximately.

"These new facilities in Mollet are a clear example of the confidence we are generating as a subsidiary and the guarantees on behalf of the group in investing in our country. It is an unquestionable sign of the group's commitment to Spain," highlighted Merck CEO for Spain Rogelio Ambrosi. In fact, this investment comes in addition to the €11 millions the German group had already announced for the same plant and the €15 millions for the plant in Tres Cantos (Madrid).

The Mollet plant, inaugurated in 1974, manufactures pharmaceutical products for local markets and 40 international markets. It is one of the oldest in the group and produces 50 million units annually, 90% of which is exported.



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