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By Biocat

The University and Research Grant Management Agency (AGAUR) will issue an Announcement for Grants, from 3 to 17 September 2012, so that the universities, research centres and hospital foundations of Catalonia may contract new research personnel (with pre-doctoral university studies) in 2013. The duration of the contract will be one year and can be extended annually in the framework of this program up to a maximum of three years, provided that the requirements set out in the corresponding announcement are met. Each entity will incorporate the researchers in research groups that carry out a valid and financed R&D project. 

The amount that the researchers will receive is:

  • €14,400 gross annual the first year
  • €15.600 gross annual the second and third year

At the end of each year, the candidates have to present a report of the work carried out, the objectives and the work plan for the following year. The renewal of the grants is conditioned on the positive evaluation of the reports, the requirements provided in the corresponding announcement for the renewal of the grants and the budget availability.

The maximum overall amount of this announcement, within the budget of the General Directorate of Research of the Generalitat de Catalunya is €17,437,748.

Further information is available in the website of the AGAUR.

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