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By Biocat

Grifols will invest €5 millions for a new factory in Brazil —in the city of Curitiba (state of Paranà)— which will manufacture bags for the extraction, separation, conservation and transfusion of blood components (plasma, red blood cells and platelets).

To implement this project, Grifols will work with a local partner, CEI, Ltda (Comércio Exportação e Importação de Materiais Médicos, Ltda), with which it has set up a new joint company called Gri-Cei, SA. The Catalan biotechnology firm has a majority holding in this new company (60% of the shares).

The group plans to complete construction work on the new plant within two years in order to then begin distributing and marketing its products in this market as well as other Latin American and international markets.

The facilities, which will use the very latest technology and will make maximum use of automation, will be designed and constructed by Grifols Engineering S.A., a group company that specializes in the engineering of biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes.

New Investment in Murcia

Grifols has completed phase III of the expansion of its manufacturing facilities at Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia, Spain), which aims to foster the development of new products and expansion into new international markets. These new facilities have a capacity of 40 million units of parenteral solutions per year in polypropylene bags. Upon completion of phase IV, which will integrate the whole industrial complex, the facilities will be able to produce 4 million units per year.

The group plans to apply for US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for this manufacturing center.

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