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By Biocat

Grifols has signed an agreement with the Canadian biopharmaceutical company Cangene Corporation for the acquisition of its three plasma donation centers located in the United States (California, Florida and Maryland). The transaction enable Grifols to bolster its global leadership in plasma collection and its ability to address the growing demand for treatments with plasma proteins thus benefiting patients.

The installed plasma fractionation capacity at the end of 2011 was 8.5 million liters of plasma per year split between plants in the United States and Spain, although projected capital expenditures call for this capacity to exceed 12 million liters per year by 2016.

The company’s class A shares have been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and have been part of the Ibex-35. In 2011, the company listed non-voting class B shares on the Spanish Stock Exchange and in Nasdaq-United States.

More information in the Grifols website.

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