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The healthcare sector, with a level of innovation above the industrial average, contributes to continued improvement in quality of life. This requires significant, and ever increasing, investment in R&D. The debate on how to address this is a priority for all economies in the world today. To this challenge we must add the impact of globalization on business strategy and the development of healthcare systems in developing countries. Thus, what should a healthcare company be like in 2020? Businesspeople and top executives from the pharmaceutical, hospital and healthcare technology sector, as well as heads of healthcare from the public administrations, will meet at the IESE Business School in Barcelona today and tomorrow to share their expertise and opinions on this topic.

Spanish secretary general of Health, José Martínez del Olmo, and professor Pedro Nueno inaugurated the event this morning at 9:30 am. Throughout the day, they will deal with topics like future perspectives and the expected impact of the healthcare industry, reforms and development of European healthcare systems over the next decade, the opportunities to be found in countries like China and the requirements European countries must meet to work there. Speakers will include professors Pedro Nueno, Alfredo Pastor and Núria Mas –from IESE–; Nancy Peterson, president of Strategy Inc; Gabriel Morelli, general manager of IMS Health Spain and Portugal; Víctor Grifols, president of Grifols; Andreas Rummelt, former CEO of Sandoz and former member of the Executive Board of Novartis; among others.

Tomorrow’s session will focus on the contribution of the healthcare industry and hospitals and the public sector, as healthcare is a growing expense but experts ensure that there are ways to optimize and address this issue. The first roundtable will include the general manager of Novartis Spain, Francisco Ballester; president of Siemens in Spain and Southern Europe, Francisco Belil; and general manager of Amgen Spain, Jordi Martí. The second roundtable will feature the general manager of Economic Management and Healthcare Products Purchasing for the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Pedro Llorente; president and CEO of Capio Sanidad, Víctor Madera; general manager of the Catalan Health Institute, Enric Argelagués; and president of the Biocat Executive Committee, Manel Balcells.



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