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By Biocat

The Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) has opened the 2012 call for twenty senior research posts at universities and research centres in Catalonia. Applications can be submitted  until 7 May 2012.

ICREA has stable agreements, in order for its researchers to be fully integrated into the different research teams and projects, with the seven Catalan public universities (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL i URV), with the Scientific Research Council (CSIC), with 27 Catalan research centres —20 of which are part of the group of Research Centres of the Generalitat de Catalunya (CERCA)—, with the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and the IrsiCaixa Foundation.

The minimum requirements for the post are a doctorate, preferably obtained before 2008, and four years’ international experience in the pre-doctoral or post-doctoral field. Only those candidates presenting a background of research excellence and leadership skills will be considered.

ICREA researchers, renowned in the scientific community, are required to make substantial contributions in their areas of research and to cause a strong impact on the Catalan research system.

The selected candidates will obtain a permanent contract with ICREA. Salaries will be comparable to those paid at Catalan universities. Their research work will be subject to assessment after the first three years and, subsequently, every five years. This assessment will be performed by external review committees, which will advise on scientific production and on research activity. Positive assessments involve an increase in salary.

ICREA website rules and application form

In 2011 ICREA research teachers and researchers published 1,519 scientific articles, 1,199 of these on the ISI Database, were invited to give 791 talks in international congresses, gave 200 doctorate and specialist courses and directed and co-directed a total of 123 doctoral theses and 90 master’s theses. This activity is complemented by participation in research projects either as directors, head researchers or team members.

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