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The INNOBRAIN project, which focuses on new technology for innovation in rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation, is the latest project to join the RIS3CAT NEXTHEALTH community. The project is being conducted under the leadership of Institut Guttmann with collaboration from 9 other organizations, including four research centers, one technology center, two companies, one university hospital and one university foundation.

After receiving approval from ACCIÓ on 12 December, the initiative will kick off this collaborative innovation project based on the Guttmann, NeuroPersonal Trainer® cognitive stimulation platform. This tool is promoted by Institut Guttmann, along with other members of Esfera UAB and strategic partners.

The platform works on cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation for people with cognitive deficits or deterioration as a result of a neurological disease, psychiatric condition, dementia or developmental disorder with the aim of improving care.

The project’s goals include researching multi-touch strategies to optimize human-computer interaction in cognitive rehabilitation, artificial intelligence, interactive video technology, monitoring how emotions are expressed using artificial vision, and advanced neurophysiology, among others.

The INNOBRAIN project is part of the NEXTHEALTH community, coordinated by Biocat and accredited as a RIS3CAT Community by the Government of Catalonia. The community as a whole is made up of 58 members working together to address challenges in health and the healthcare system in Catalonia.


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