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Intelligent Pharma —located in the Barcelona Science Park (BSP) and specializing in computational chemistry services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry— has just opened their first subsidiary in the United States. This is the third international office the company has opened in less than two years, following two European branches: the first, in 2010, in the Heidelberg Technology Park (Germany) and the second, in 2011, in the BioPark cluster in Welwyn Garden City in North London (United Kingdom).

The new American subsidiary (Intelligent Pharma, LLP) is based in Cambridge (Massachusetts) and coordinated by biochemist and economist Sebastian Pedraza, who has ample experience in the American biotechnology sector. In the beginning, this office will focus on channeling the company’s sales, marketing and business development efforts in North America but may also become a productive subsidiary depending on how the market evolves.

Intelligent Pharma is a spin-off of the University of Barcelona that was founded in 2007 by a young entrepreneur, engineer Ignasi Belda. In just over four years, Intelligent Pharma has developed a client portfolio that includes nearly all the Spanish pharmaceuticals and many biotechnology companies and public research bodies, as well as a solid number of clients from the United Kingdom, United States and Mexico.

“With this new step in international growth we are ever closer to becoming world leaders in our niche market. At present we are the only service provider in computational chemistry with direct physical presence in four countries,” explained Dr. Ignasi Belda, CEO of this Catalan bioinformatics company.

The company’s resume includes distinctions such as the BioEmprendedor XXI Award promoted by "la Caixa", Barcelona Activa, Biocat, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Genoma España; Fem Empresa from Caixa Tarragona; the Bancaixa Award for Young Entrepreneurs; the BDigital Award for Digital Innovation, and the Barcelona Regional Government’s Award to the Best Company in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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