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The second edition of the international comic’s contest CardioCOMIC has had 46 participants (which double participation of the first call) from 10 to 43 years old and from all around Spain and abroad (Argentina, China, Colombia and Venezuela).

Through this competition, the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences of Barcelona (CSIC-ICCC) wants to bring research and prevention of cardiovascular illnesses closer to people, through a new format: comics.

According to researcher José Martínez-González, who leads this informative activity, "through a simple, didactic and instructive format as comics, we want to show the great impact of cardiovascular illnesses in society, the need to encourage healthy habits and continuous research."

Of all the participants, 17 have been selected: 5 winning works, 1 special mention and 11 finalists. All 17 will be included in the digital version of CardioCOMIC 2011. In all these works participants have tackled among other aspects, the importance of the prevention as well as impact of risk factors like  tobacco habits, sedentary lifestyle or diets rich in saturated greases on cardiovascular diseases. Also, they have all insisted on cardiovascular illnesses, as strokes and ictus, and analyzed how they affect patients’ family.


Adult category - winner
Dentro de ti (Inside you), Juan Antonio Fernández (Valencia, Spain, 1977)

Architect and amateur comic drawer and illustrator. Fan of the multicoloured outline of Le Corbusier, the infinite and enigmatic shadows of Sergio Toppi, the narrative form of Will Eisner and lover of classic drawing tools:  pencil, ink and pen. His comic deals, metaphorically, with the cholesterol and the hypertension in the arteries as they act..


Teens category - exequo
Un corazón para siempre (A heart forever), Raquel Ramínez (Algete – Madrid, Spain, 1987)

Biologist and amateur drawer.  She would love to spread science through illustrations and other visual arts, because "Science can be entertaining". In her comic, a grandfather and his grandson talk about how bad habits can trigger off cardiovascular illnesses.


Teens category - exequo
Som el que mengem (We are what we eat), Teresa Such (Altea – Alicante, Spain, 1988)

She is an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. Her drawings have influences of Japanese manga and of several illustrators, obtaining thus her own style. In her comic, the main character is a broccoli who advises a hamburger on a healthy life, but the hamburger has other plans...


Kids category - exequo
D’acord amb el cor! (I agree with the heart), Martí Casal (Barcelona, Spain, 1997)

In spite of his 13 years, this boy from Barcelona writes stories in order to pay his comic courses. He has been awarded several literary and drawing prizes, recently the Bang Reus of Comics 2010. Martín suffers a suprarenal insufficiency which obliges him to remain a lot of time at home. His work is about two friends and the heart attack that suffers one of them.


Kids category - exequo
El colesterol, un perill invisible i real (Cholesterol, an invisible but real threat), Cristina Rigau (Mataró, Spain, 1994)

She is on the first year of scientific high school at Escola Pía of Mataró (Barcelona), and since she was little she loves drawing. One of her main interests is practicing sport. Her comic deals with the consequences of not having a healthy lifestyle.   


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