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Isdin Laboratories, a dermatology company owned in equal parts by the Puig group and Esteve Laboratories, has left behind the years of recession. The firm closed 2014 with turnover up 10.4% to €148.9 millions and profit of 68.3%, a total of €10.1 millions.

These profit levels are mainly due to two factors: investment in innovation and internationalization, as current CEO of the company Juan Naya explained. With the figures for 2014, the Catalan pharmaceutical company had already strengthened its presence in Latin America, which is its main market –making up 21% of all revenue– and opened new subsidiaries in Peru and Colombia. So far, the company’s main markets are in Brazil and Mexico.

However the pharmaceutical firm –which employs more than 700 workers- has its sights set on a new market: the United States, where it opened a subsidiary in 2015 and where it hopes to see significant revenue this year. For last year, the company forecasts global results between €160 and €170 millions.

2015 was also a year of changes in the company, with former CEO Marian Pugi appointed president of the company and Juan Naya, who was previously managing director, taking over as CEO. Antoni Esteve, who previously held the position of executive president, is now chairman of the board.

Isdin says it will continue on in its commitment to innovation. In fact, the company has launched three new products in the past year and expects to continue this pace in the future. 

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